From Blueprint to Bright Lights: The Exciting World of Electrical Work

Mar 26, 2024 | SEIAJATC | 0 comments

Think about all the new buildings going up in Southeast Iowa – the refit in a store at the Westland Mall, the housing developments, maybe even that solar farm in northeastern Lee county along highway 61. Who makes sure they all have power? Electricians! We’re the ones behind the scenes making it all happen. And right now, we need more skilled electricians to keep up with all the exciting projects in our area.

What Electricians Do

You might think electricians just wire houses, but that’s just the start! We work on:

  • Homes: Of course, making sure new houses are wired safely and correctly.
  • Big Buildings: Think schools, hospitals, and factories – way more complex electrical systems.
  • Green Energy: Installing and maintaining solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Cool Tech: Some electricians specialize in smart homes, security systems, and other cutting-edge technology.

Why Be an Electrician

  • Get Paid to Learn: Apprenticeships through the Southeast Iowa JATC mean you earn money while you get your training… no student debt!
  • Awesome Pay & Benefits: Once you’re a journeyman electrician, you can make a really good living.
  • Never Boring: Every day is different, and you get to see a project through from the planning stages to powering it up.
  • Give Back: Your skills literally help build and power your Southeast Iowa community.

Ready to Get Started?

If you like working with your hands, figuring things out, and seeing the results of your work, then a career as an electrician could be the perfect fit. Visit the Southeast Iowa JATC website at or call us at (319) 759-2985 to learn how to turn your future bright! You can even stop by our training center at 1205 North Central Ave. in Burlington!