Spark Your Future: Why Choose the Southeast Iowa JATC Electrical Apprenticeship Program?

Feb 20, 2024 | SEIAJATC | 0 comments

Are you looking for a career that’s hands-on, rewarding, and offers great earning potential? Look no further than the Southeast Iowa JATC (SEIAJATC) Electrical Apprenticeship Program! We’re not just talking about a job; we’re talking about building a fulfilling future in a high-demand, ever-evolving field.

Here’s why the SEIAJATC program is the perfect choice for you:

  • Earn while you learn: Forget about student loans! As an apprentice, you’ll be placed with NECA contractors, gaining valuable on-the-job experience while earning a competitive wage that increases as you progress through the program. Plus, you’ll receive health insurance and pension benefits – a rare find in today’s training programs.

  • Master a sought-after skill: The electrical trade is booming, with job growth projected to be much faster than average. You’ll be in high demand, with countless opportunities to build a stable and successful career.

  • Receive top-notch training: Our program is recognized as one of the best in the nation, combining classroom instruction with hands-on lab work led by experienced journeymen wiremen. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the field.

  • Join a supportive community: You’re not alone in this journey. You’ll be part of a close-knit community of apprentices, instructors, and industry professionals who will support and guide you every step of the way.

  • Build a bright future: Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll become a licensed journeyman electrician, opening doors to exciting career opportunities, from working on construction projects to starting your own business.

Ready to spark your future? Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit our website: for more information about the program, eligibility requirements, and the application process.
  • Attend an information session: We regularly host sessions to answer your questions and give you a closer look at the program. Check our website for upcoming dates and times.
  • Contact us: Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (319) 759-2985 or

Don’t wait! Invest in your future with the SEIAJATC Electrical Apprenticeship Program. We’ll help you turn your passion for electricity into a rewarding career.

Bonus Tip: Share this blog post with your friends and family who might be interested in a career in the electrical trade. Together, we can build a brighter future for everyone!